SafetySnapp is perfect for

Parents with children          Those caring for individuals with memory loss         Those caring for individuals with disabilities

iphone with daily picture reminderdaily alarms boxSafetySnapp gives caregivers access to GPS technology, automated emergency contacts, and scrapbooking software. These powerful tools combine to give users what they need most in case of emergency.

Every morning an alarm reminds you, the caregiver, to take a daily photo of your loved one.  Before your loved one leaves the house, you are able to document what s/he is wearing, hairstyle, blemishes, scrapes, recent changes in mood or behavior, etc.

emergency alerts boxiphone with daily pictureThe daily time & Geo stamped picture is stored on your phone and then backed-up to your PC.  If your loved one does not reach their destination, you have the important details that could make all the difference in an emergency situation.  With one click, you can send emergency alerts via SMS message and email to pre-loaded primary and emergency contacts to locate your loved one.  SafetySnapp helps relieve the stress and anxiety associated with remembering important information about your missing loved one and who to contact when they go missing.


The emergency alerts contain the most recent picture of your loved one as well as his/her:

Full Name Nickname Date of Birth
Eye Color Hair Color Skin Color
Height Allergies Medications Taken
Behavioral Conditions Recent Changes in Behavior or Mood Recent Changes in Appearance


gps tracking boxiphone with daily picture reminderA mini version of SafetySnapp can be downloaded to your loved one’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices, which will track their current location via GPS. The “Follow My Loved One” feature lets caregivers know where their loved ones are at the touch of a button. 

memory keeping boxWith your daily photos, you can easily chronicle your loved one growing up.  Through the application or on your PC, you can create photo collages to cherish and share with your loved ones around the corner, or across the globe through social media and email.