How to Set a Daily Alarm:

Daily Alarms are used to remind the user to take a daily picture of their loved one and update any important information about their loved one.

  1. Launch the SafetySnapp app on your mobile device
  2. Login to the app
  3. Navigate to the menu bar by tapping the nine box icon in the upper left corner
  4. Choose the “Settings” bar
  5.  Tap the blue button labeled “Set Alarm”
  6. Type a description for your alarm like “Take Daily Picture”
  7. Choose a time for your daily alarm
  8. To save the alarm, press the save icon in the top right corner
  9. Close the SafetySnapp app and navigate to your mobile device’s settings
  10. Within the settings, navigate to the notification center
  11. Under SafetySnapp choose your desired alert style.
  12. To never miss a daily picture, choose the “Alerts” alert style